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Matthew Remion

Although emerging author Matthew Remion has been writing poetry since he was a child, The Reclamation is his first commercially available fiction.

At twenty-one, Matthew is still figuring out what he wants to do with his life. Coincidentally, the slow economy and dismal job market these days make figuring that out somewhat less urgent. Two years into college with an unfulfilling major in computer science, he took a year off to backpack across Europe, work at a thrift store, and rediscover writing. His science fiction and fantasy works contain elements of what interests him the most, philosophy and physics.

Matthew plans to return to college in the coming year, but committing to a major may take a while longer. In the meantime, he also enjoys reading, discovering new music, cooking, collecting eclectic art that comes through the thrift store, playing the occasional RPG, and hanging out with friends. He is actively involved in animal rescue and has fostered several cats and dogs in the past few years. He adopted Wyatt, an exceptionally smart and spunky white shepherd actually capable of coherent speech.

Rocky Leonard

John Leonard writes fiction under the pen name of Rocky Leonard in honor of his father. In real life, Rocky Leonard was one of the most colorful characters you could ever want to meet. John credits his dad for the sarcastic wit and cynicism of the Robert Mercer character in his detective series.

The author routinely writes articles for online publications and was interviewed on the Dennis Miller radio show. Secondhand Sight is his second novel, his first featuring Dan Harper. He has also written short stories for an anthology about animals and is working on Purgatory, the sequel to Coastal Empire, his first novel featuring detective Robert Mercer.

John holds a BBA from the University of Georgia and worked as a computer programmer for more than twenty years before becoming a writer. His writing has also been influenced by shorter stints working as a bartender, real estate investor and landlord.

He has been married to wife Lisa for twenty two years. John is the proud father of two and grandfather of three, as well as pack leader for several wonderful dogs and one crazy cat.

Born in Savannah, John has spent most of his adult life in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. The local color in his writing is equally authentic whether the setting is a Georgia beach, downtown Atlanta, or the Appalachian foothills in North Georgia.


Tammy Rainey writes from small-town Mississippi and from the perspective of a unique life experience. Her interests and her work are diverse, ranging from the intersection of faith and public policy, to her long-distance love of, and blogging about, the Toronto Blue Jays.

The touching stories in her debut Painted Ponies collection will leave you waiting for more from this talented new author.



Warren Beatty received his B.S. from Mississippi State University in Statistics and Computer Science, MBA from the University of South Alabama, Ph.D. from the Florida State University in Statistics and Quantitative Studies. Warren was in the U.S. Army for 22 years. He taught at University of South Alabama and the University of West Florida. His experience includes consulting to many small businesses. He is currently retired.


Andy Daugherty
Andy Daugherty is a full-time IT Project Manager. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Education. But his real passion is Christian ministry; teaching and serving in the local church. He grew up in church and over the years he has served as a teacher, deacon, elder and now a minister. Currently, Andy is bi-vocational. He is still working fulltime in IT and serving part-time at McDonough Christian church as Community Groups Minister, organizing groups, supporting and coaching group leaders and encouraging discipleship. Andy lives with his wife, Terri, of twenty-eight years in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. They have two grown children, Amy and Matthew.

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