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Coastal Empire

by Rocky Leonard
A Robert Mercer Mystery

Wealthy and beautiful Sarah Reid hires private detective Robert Mercer to investigate her husband Barry, a real estate mogul whom she believes may be unfaithful. Mercer embarks on a case of possible identity theft and probable murder. He uncovers a vicious web of real estate fraud and jewelry theft that leads him to Kelly, an alluring woman with a few secrets of her own.

As Mercer pieces the puzzle together, the dead bodies begin to pile up and events threaten to spin out of control. With his canine partner Ox, a large black German Shepherd dog, and John Sutlive, an old Marine buddy, Mercer and his motley crew do battle with a small army of villains in a fight to the death for his client.

This novel, set in sultry and mysterious Savannah, Georgia, is the inaugural book in the Robert Mercer detective series of great mysteries with irresistible supernatural twists.

326 pages, 85,000 words.

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A Fantastic Read
"Coastal Empire" is a fantastic novel, I couldn't put it down. Leonard masterfully sets the story up with tone and setting that settles in on the reader, making you feel like you're actually part of the story, then paints rich characters that are easy to care about. And the mystery is set up perfectly, drawing the reader in even further. I truly enjoyed it and will definitely buy the next book Leonard puts out.
Chris Lindberg, author of Code of Darkness at Amazon.com

A Fast Ride
Rocky Leonard’s first novel, “Coastal Empire,” is a fast ride through Georgia’s coastal Chatham County and Savannah. The book features Robert Mercer, a Marine veteran (“there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine”) who runs a private detective agency in the Savannah suburb of Thunderbolt with the help of Ox, his very capable German Shepherd partner.
When Mercer comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, it puts him on the trail of a sinister plot involving precious jewels, high-priced real estate, and murder. Before long, the bodies start to pile up as drug dealers, jewel thieves, and a professional hit man stalk Mercer and his associates, including Kelly, a sexy jewelry store employee who may not be as innocent as she seems. Leonard takes his readers on a journey through the local haunts of Savannah, Tybee Island and coast al Georgia. Local readers will appreciate the attention to detail in the descriptions of the area, and those who admire Savannah from afar will find hints of places to go and things to see when they have the chance to visit.
The book moves quickly and its many plot twists keep readers guessing. The criminal mastermind’s ingenious plot is simple but effective and plausible enough to feel threateningly possible. It is also easily concealed from the eyes of the public and law enforcement… until Mercer’s client stumbles upon it.
David Thornton of Captain Kudzu at smashwords.com

Savannah Can Be Quirky
Coastal Empire is a fun engaging ride into the quirky atmosphere of Savannah! Written by a hometown boy, Rocky Leonard who grew up in Savannah, Coastal Empire describes Savannah as only a true Savannahian could! World renowned Bonaventure Cemetery is exactly as the author describes and I love much of the action is in Greenwich Cemetery where my wonderful parents rest in what my family calls "the room with a view". The story unfolds at a fast pace that hooks you immediately that keeps you glued for the next twist in a complicated plot! Robert Mercer is a great hero in the style of Sam Spade and takes no guff from anyone! - Crystal Nelson at smashwords.com

Great Beach Read
The story line has several angles which converge in a surprising way. It is always a plus if I can't predict the outcome half-way through. The setting was familiar to this sometime resident of both Atlanta and Tybee Island, but familiarity is not necessary to get a feel for the contrast of culture between Atlanta and the "Coastal Empire".
tybeegirl at Amazon.com