Each Voice Publishing
Helping you tell the story

Contact us at lleonard@eachvoicepub.com for more information about how we can assist you. Rather than quote prices on our webiste, we prefer to start a conversation with you. Some help we can offer for free, but on the more time consuming tasks we will offer you a choice of hourly or fixed price contracts.

Manuscript Appraisal
Our analysis will provide you feedback on your story line, writing style, character development and more. We offer suggestions on how to engage your target audience and recommend the next steps for your project. We are not literary agents. We do not recruit for large publishing houses. We help emerging and independent author optimize their voices to be heard.

Copy Editing
Editing with Each Voice is an interactive process of review, markup and review again. We look for syntax, spelling and grammar issues, but we also offer suggestions for improving style, highlight repetitive word or phrase use, and point out plot sequencing or logic flaws. We offer help with such details as punctuation, chapter or paragraph breaks and capitalization. Our goal is to work together with you to produce polished prose.

If your work has been through one or more edits already and you want a proofreading pass to pick up on the little things which most often complicate online publishing, we can help. We look for consistent use of Microsoft Word styles, returns, paragraph and line spacing, special characters, indentation, bookmarks, links, table of contents method, font type and size consistency, hyphens, dashes and more. Whether you are formatting for online or print publication, your document will benefit from a good basic proofreading before heading into the formatting stage.

Cover Design
Are you great with words but at a loss as to where to start with a cover design for your work? We enjoy the creative process. Let us provide you with several rough concepts from which to choose at a low fixed price. You can then decide whether you want to commission us to create the final cover based on one of the concept pieces you like best.

Formatting for eBook Publication
There are many online formats in use today. Each has its own quirks and strengths. Simplify the online publishing process by engaging us to produce one or multiple formats. We offer formatting for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble Nook (Pubit). We can also format for Smashwords (distributor), allowing you to also reach Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Apple readers.

Formatting for Print Publication
We are experienced in formatting for print publication. Give us your proofread document and we will get it formatted, polished and published through Print on Demand services, saving you time and trial-by-error. Need advice on ISBN numbers, copyright registration and Library of Congress numbers for your printed work? We help new authors through those processes, too.

Once your work is formatted, the last step is publishing and making it accessible through multiple sales channels. Engage Each Voice as your publisher and we will handle making your work available through the major online retailers. Your work will list you as the author and will list Each Voice Publishing as your publisher. Although we gladly offer a link to your published work from our own website, we do not claim to market your work after it is published. We help with the technical aspects of getting your published and available in the marketplace. While we can give you helpful tips and advice, you should expect to do the lion's share of marketing your work after it is published. After all, you know it best.