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Painted Ponies
Painted Ponies CoverShort stories
by Tammy Rainey

In the course of life, it is often not the big events that define us, but the quite small moments that end up shaping who we are.

A boy's life is changed by the simple tradition that bound his widowed mother and the father who is no longer with them.
A father comes far too close to losing his son and rethinks his own life.
A prisoner finds hope in the face of hopelessness during an unlikely conversation.

These are not stories of the major movements in life, but the minor chords which form the songs of our souls. This collection of three short stories is 9473 words.

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...written with excellent descriptive details that made me wonder more - what did the man do in his life? Who was the prisoner with such a thought provoking outlook on life? The last story brought tears to my eyes. It isn't a very long read but still well worth the money.
-- Amazon Customer

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