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Counterargument for God

Released March 31, 2013
Counterargument for GodNon Fiction/Religion/Science
Counterargument for God
by John L. Leonard

When he tired of listening to the constant attacks on religion by prominent atheists in the media or academia, author John L. Leonard spent several years on a personal journey, investigating the scientific evidence that purportedly eliminated God from what he calls the Big Picture. This book is the product of that effort.

John began with modern Darwinism and biology, and then learned about the evidence found in chemistry for the origin of life as well as the physics required for the Big Bang. From that perspective he formed what he calls his Big Picture of how life, the universe, and sapient humans all came to exist.

After building a strong counterargument to any claim that science can exclude God from His creation, John offers a powerful defense of his Christian faith. Counterargument for God offers a comprehensive rebuttal to atheism, using logic, rational thought, and good, old-fashioned common sense.

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Well-written and Documented
As I review this book, I find myself wanting to quote the author. His presentation is tactful, eloquent and stated in a logical manner. John Leonard has extensively researched the scientific arguments he discusses in this book. He also deftly asks questions that should have atheists questioning their beliefs. I was particularly impressed with the statements from the work of Dr. Francis Collins. The author states his own personal beliefs in a non-threatening logical manner. I find this book well-written and documented. It is very easy to highly recommend this book.
-- Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

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